\- (plus\minus)

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Looking more like humble guys band than the long-bearded, leather-clad metal dudes common to the scene, the members of Kiev (Ukraine) based band \- (plus\minus) have clawed their way up from the primordial ooze to smash all stereotypes. These stylish young gentlemen may appear indie at first glance, but their souls are pure molten metal and hardcore, pulling the pin and detonating the tectonic discharge of their unmatched musical mayhem.

Since the spring of 2005, \- (plus\minus) have unfurled their razor wire, an amalgamation of mathcore, post-hardcore, grindcore, art-rock and modern metal experimentalism across the underground scenes of the Ukraine and Russia. The group's punishing sound has been pummelling frenzied audiences and terrifying the local wildlife at coveted festivals such as Red Alert (Evpatoria) and twice at Rujnatsja (Lvov), and additional stops were added for the hungry crowds in Kiev, Moscow, Kharkov, Odessa, Ternopol, Poltava, Dnepropetrovsk, Nizhniy Novgorod, Ryazan. \- (plus\minus) were fast becoming experts at seducing the masses with their special blend of sonic devastation.

In early 2008, the depth-charge explosiveness and visceral grind of their raw talent and innovation garnered an unheard-of EP release from Ukraine's Moon Records. Never before had such a young band captured so much rabid attention so quickly. Music television channels in Russia and the Ukraine immediately scrambled to put their crushing single, "Animal," (from their debut release) into heavy rotation.

Winter of 2008 witnessed \- (plus\minus) again extensively touring across Russia and the Ukraine, relentlessly continuing the summer leg of the tour with American Nintendo-core pioneers Horse The Band, showcasing a deadly sense of humor as well as masterful musical chops.

Recently, the band set another precedent, becoming the first Ukrainian band to exceed one million MySpace hits from every corner of the globe, and in February 2010, Decibel Magazine praised their experimental vocals and anointed their extreme musical style as "shredding."

The band's immeasurably enormous sound is produced by just four members: Stas on vocals, Ilya on 7-string guitar, Maksim on 5-string bass-guitar and Slavik on drums. With influences as wide-ranging as Dilliger Escape Plan, Poison The Well, Every Time I Die, Meshuggah, Mars Volta, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Miles Davis, Björk and Nirvana, the band has been hard at work in the studio for almost a year refining their attack and are just now finalizing the exquisite brutality of their first full-length album. Aided by the electronic metallurgy of the notorious Dmytro "Kotra" Fedorenko, and mixed and mastered by the very capable hands of Eskil Lovstrom and Pelle Henricsson, who have worked with Meshuggah, Cult Of Luna, Poison The Well, In Flames and Refused, \- (plus\minus) are poised to unleash their four man sucker-punch on an unsuspecting world.